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Deirble's Twist, North Mayo Sculpture Trail

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For a small country on the periphery of mainland Europe, Ireland has an incredible variety of scenery. The legendary 40 shades of green shimmer right throughout the land, but you’ll also find craggy coastal regions with incredible bogs, dramatic sea cliffs and inlets boasting pure waters and wide golden beaches framed by soaring hills.

Enjoying over 7,500 km of spectacular coastline, surrounded by the mighty Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Irish Sea on the east, some of the most memorable landscapes are the rocky shorelines leading down to pristine seas.

Meanwhile, the isolated and remote islands dotted around the coast are excellent hideaways for those wishing to break free from the trappings of modern day life. The heather-clad mountains that sweep inland have a haunting, affecting beauty; and the dark and brooding peat bogs and rugged, stony landscapes will inspire you to come back for more.

Of course no visit to Ireland would be complete without a visit to Dublin, the capital city. Dublin has all the attractions of a modern city, combined with the beauty and heritage of the past. Elegant shops, hotels, galleries, art-house cinemas, pubs, coffee houses and a stunning variety of restaurantshave sprung up on almost every street in the capital. But what is really special about Dublin is the spirit of the people who ensure that Dublin remains one of Europe’s most down-to-earth, friendly and accessible cities.

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